Forcefully taken to hospital, Dr. KC refuses treatment

Kathmandu : Police in Jumla of the Karnali province have taken medical education reform activist, Dr Govinda KC, to the hospital of Karnali Health Science Academy forcefully, on Saturday night.
For the past seven days, Dr KC is staging a hunger strike in the remote district, putting forth six demands to the government. Of late, the sexagenarian’s health has deteriorated, according to doctors attending to him.
However, Dr KC has refused to receive any treatment unless his demands are met. He claims the police took him to the hospital in a style of abduction.
“How can you kidnap me instead of meeting my demands?” he questions the government, “No, I won’t receive any treatment or monitoring.”
Dr KC has demanded that the government start the MBBS programme at Karnali Academy of Health Sciences, expand the range of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for coronavirus across the country, and end lockdowns and prohibitory orders after making the use of mask and physical distancing compulsory for all.
Likewise, he has also demanded investigations into various corruption cases of the country including those of the health sector and take action against them.

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